RPI 3 and NOOBS with Windows 10 IoT option

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Yes, no kidding, the new NOOBS released today (Feb 29th 2016) now includes windows 10 IoT as an option so there is no more need to have a Windows 10 workstation to create an image. You will still need it to run Visual Studio to develop your apps though

You get the option to download the current public version but if you subscribe to the Insider Preview then you can also select this (With the constraint that you provide your username and password to the insider program)

One other aspect of…


  1. You are more than welcome, I love creating these educational videos, don't get paid for it so its a passion and hobby and it is great to get some positive feedback from my viewers

    In full disclosure, I do get a little from Google Adsense but this does not even cover costs yet


  2. Excellent video.  Followed step by step after first joining the Windows Insider Program.  Haven't tried the wifi adapter yet currently using Ethernet connection.  Also I'll mention I was getting the low voltage warnings last week on my Raspberry Pi and ordered a power adapter from Adafruit which arrived Saturday.  Never see that warning now, not even during boot.  Thanks Peter for a great lesson and easy to follow.  Now to learn Visual Studio.

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