Run Android apps on Ubuntu | Google chrome | how to

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Demonstration of running android apps on ubuntu using Google Chrome.

useful links:
archon releases:

for 32-bit chrome:

for 64-bit chrome:

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  1. Hlw Binod
    I've added WhatsApp same way. It's not generating any error but closes automatically within 1 sec.
    Can u please help me to solve this..?
    I didn't find any solution searching on google.
    I need help. Please

  2. I have tried TO PUT SHOWBOX-4.81.APK ON WITH everything and nothing works for me. I've downloaded [com.Uberspot.a2048] can't get it to run, It comes on, but don't run.
    [ARC Welder] it comes on but it spins for days. I run [Twerk] and it it run the file and showed the file an that's all, I can get it to do. I got / Winetricks and it couldn't do anything. and all of these came from You Tube video and ask Ubuntu Web and web browser sites etc.
    I put SHOWBOX on anybodies android and TABLET it works GREAT, EXCELLENT, AWESOME, But I can't get it to work on UBUNTU. OH I forgot about [SHASHLIK] it didn't work either.

  3. hey if your app fails and says no "message" for your app do the following:
    1. go to the extracted app folder
    2. go to _locales folder
    3. go to en / language folder
    4. open the messages.json file
    now in type this "message": "YOUR APP NAME" after description in extName

    "extName": {
    "description": "Extension name",
    "message": "YOUR APP NAME"
    don't forget the comma
    and hopefully this helped you out, cheers!

  4. Its very usefull video but can u help me to fix the problem of adding whatsapp in my chrome.
    When i'm adding it in extensions it showing some error

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