Running Linux System Commands and Shell scripts in C or C++ with grep awk sed popen

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Running System Commands and Shell/Bash Scripts from within C/C++ code with grep awk sed

Stream, filter and parse network information to get IP address with ifconfig, grep, awk, sed, and calling network commands using popen, system() within C/C++

These tools I find useful for creating systems or sockets programmes, agents, bots, viruses, etc.

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  1. Hello Enugene
    I really need help if you could help me please
    is there any way in C or C++ or any programme you can make the linux Terminal and run it on Linux as the Original Linux Terminal ?
    I have used the VB to make the windows Command and have it running inside the VB Application, But not sure about the linux Terminal
    Please Help if you can 🙂

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