Running Steam on PS4 Linux

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I’m using ARCH Linux on PS4 running 1.76 fw.

To get Steam to run, you’ll need to compile and install BOTH 64bit and 32bit patched Radeon libs from fail0verflow. (


  1. so… Instaling an Actual Linux OS makes the PS4 capable of emulating virtually anything up to PS2/Wii era… wich i gotta say that, for a Console like the PS4, is something amazing. give or take one or 2 years of development for a proper version of Xenia,CEMU or other 7th gen emulators and it will run them too… this black box has the actual capacity for the first time to run not only its propouse built games, but anything from any make before it was made… wich is amazing.
    for PC gaming tho… i would say, anything up to 2014 and some lower intensive games up to 2016~2017 can be ran on this thing given proper time. Kudos to Sony. serves to show that, or Hardware has quite trully evolved in Consoles or that it is so close between systems that with good architecture, you can Retro-Engineer anything. both ways are amazing. is just a shame that any higher demanding games are really gas guzlers on higher settings… but it's understandable… is not limitless, but is quite close to it when it comes to the quantity and quality of games that can be played on this box. wich is amazing nonetheless.

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