Running Windows Programs on Linux

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Running Windows software on Linux using Wine, PlayOnLinux, Winetricks and CrossOver, and demonstrated on the distros Zorin OS and Linux Mint.

The Wine website is at:

The PlayOnLinux website is at:

The Winetricks website is at:

The Codeweavers CrossOver web pages are at:

If you are interested in the free Windows programs I ran in this video, they were:



  1. Hi, I'm Clayton. Nice show. Been watching a few of your videos. Have you tried VMware or Virtual Box, or even RoboLinux. If so I'll be looking for it. But if not Can you.? I am done with Windows. I do have a working copy of Windows 7 on a system. But I haven't turned it on in years. It was a system that I built myself. I believe some of my Tech friends were upset. That I didn't ask to hand them cash to build my system. I just did it on my own. I been run Linux for years. But I still don't understand some of the installs, or how to keep the software apps that I am running to the newest version. How do you change the icons. There are many out there to use. But I am doing something wrong. I know because it never happened.
    Plus I believe Linux could make it easier with macros of some kind to run programs together with less problems. There is so much Linux out there I feel lost and overwhelmed. I to like Linux Mint. I would more Linux Distro to be rolling Distro. Ubuntu shot me in the foot Or PC many times. When Linux Mint came along. Happy camping again. No one should have to sit throw a long install or an update – just to look at a black screen. With no idea what happened.
    Thank you for your youtube channel it is in my line up. How do you fund all your projects. Does Google pay well to run a YouTube channel? I have many interests. Working on upgrading my newest computer. It's a Dell Optiplex 755 SFF with an 2.66 Core 2 Duo and 3 GB of RAM. No hard drive they sold it for parts. I picked it up for only $2.25 and order a DVD +/- Burned off eBay for $4.75 with free shipping. I needed a usb keyboard for it. Pick one up at another thrift store for $1.98. I have installed my old hard drive and video from my other computer. It was AMD 939 system. I set my friend up with it. I was surprised Linux Mint on the hard drive had no problem with the move to the new system. Plan are to up grade the CPU and the Ram.
    I do have a question about the ESATA port in the middle of the motherboard. I don't like the idea of having just the one hard drive. but system has a (tiny) power supply. My video card is taking up the two low profile ports. I would like to come up with an Idea to get exterior Sata disc drives dock. I just picked up a Canon Power Shot A620, at another thrift store. $3.98. Low Budget Buddy. And have ideas of using it to start a few projects.
    Any input would be great.

  2. That's exactly the stuff I am looking for not because its new but I have been using wine for more than a decade. There is one win application copernicdesktopsearch. This is very fussy software but a good one. It gets installed on Fedora like a music, but on Linux Mint the installer hangs. Can you try and see what's the glitch. thanks

  3. YOU have inspired me to expand my TESTING of Wine and Crossover using MINT. As a long time user of WINDOWS I am trying to cut the cord and sharing Linux with bright students using refurbished Pc's that are donated or purchased for under $58.00 but fully functional. Thanks for ALL your educational help and experience.

  4. Thank you for your time and consideration. Would you consider investigating and doing a video on the SINGLE most objection to converting to a Linux distro… Native Microsoft Office compatibility. Not just getting it to run but confirming large files open and maintain complex formatting. Opening/ saving files off another Windows system on a network. Printing files. If these functions setup/worked relatively easily the Linux converts would be coming in droves.

  5. I do not think anything is quit perfect .
    Just wondering what you think of containers ?
    It has been said you can run windows or windows programs using containers ?
    I am thinking just using docker might do the trick ?
    So far we have installed and ran a Linux program utilizing docker ( video editing program ) but have not attempted to run a windows program yet .

  6. To those using iPhone… remember that there is no such thing as iTunes on linux, nor will it work over wine… So, the best option would be to install windows on a virtual machine software called virtualbox and install windows inside… Performance wont be very plesant, but it will work at the end…

    Got reminded of this and decided to share this after watching the video

  7. Hello. Have you tried installing serif software like Affinity Photo or Designer? I've got Deepin' running on one machine and would not be opposed to using this as my main OS in the future.

  8. I remember looking at Wine a long time ago — right around the turn of the millennium — because the place I worked at at the time had like 500 PCs running Windows 98, and it was going to be very pricey to update them all to the newest version of Windows, so we were looking at alternatives to sending tons of money to Microsoft. And in almost 20 years of innovation and upgrades, Wine still has issues. Because Windows keeps getting upgraded, new Windows apps get released, and old Windows apps get updated. There will never be a “perfect” solution — Wine will always be playing catch-up, no matter how good it gets.

  9. The thing to do is to take Windows 7 offline so it can be used. Problem is that many programs need to be conntected to the net these days to access help files or content.. Download what can be downloaded. I have three interchangable hard drives with various configurations of Linux and Windows on them and an old XP machine that sees daylight once in a blue moon when I need to access a couple of older programs I haven't yet found suitable alternatives for. I also have a Linux only box with Mint Debian edition on. Get a couple of removable drive bays and one can switch if the need arises.

  10. Any of these capable of installing a windows printer driver? HP are fine but Canon seem to be a nightmare and my new (big) Xerox Phaser doesn't have downloadable Linux drivers so I'm running a VM with XP to print from.

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