Samsung 250GB 960 EVO SSD – Windows 10 boot time

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Not fresh windows 10 install.

Asus Maximus VII Ranger
i7 4790k
Asus GTX 970
Kingston 16GB RAM


  1. I’ve got wd blue sata III and this nvme shit. And WD boots twice as faster! Twice! I see Mb logo and desktop after 2 sec. It takes 4-5 sec total. No win logo, no circle. Just logo – desktop. And this WD blue does only 550 MB/s. 6 times lower, but boots twice as fast. Samsung fucked me, again.

  2. almost the same with my SATA 3 Samsung EVO 850. not more than 15 seconds. Once you install the OS on AHCI mode and do the optimization with Samsung Magician software with updated firmware, it's a whole lot faster.

  3. The boot time of this vídeo was 18 sec, i fresh installed Windows 10 in UEFI, enabled fast boot, set to 0 seconds, disabled CMS, installed the newest 960 evo driver, and still i can only boot at 22 sec. Don't know what else this guy could have done.

    My rig Asus strix Z370F, 8700k, 16gb 3200mhz.

  4. Have the same drive, (with i7 6700k), got 6 seconds of windows load, but 20 seconds of POST time, from power button to windows start loading.

    So it was a total of 26 seconds from power do desktop. I wonder what sorcery you did to make your POST time only about 13 secs. (I have this drive, plus 3 sata drives (including a Bluray burner), So I guess maybe it´s my sata drivers initializing that make the post longer.

  5. not to much faster than my 850 500gb actually. but damn fast all the same.. my 7200rpm seagate barracuda would take over a minute. and my sisters could walk your dog in the time that thing takes to mozey along.

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