Samsung DP700 7 Series All-in-One 27″ Windows 8 Touchscreen Computer Showcase NCIX Tech Tips

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With a beautiful PLS panel and responsive capacitive touchscreen (not to mention the ample power under the hood) this AIO is the perfect machine to get the most out of Windows 8



  1. In design theory, it's quite obvious this is unbalanced. All that weight in the stand for a mere 27'' form factor is ridiculous. I have
    a certain respect for your channel, but just because it's a name brand doesen't mean you have to review it. You should have just
    sent this chunky bar back without review. It would not look good in a modern designed home. Besides it's underpowered.

  2. i have this computer and all of a sudden the touch screen is not working.  spent hours only to find out samsung have no drivers to support it.  so my suggestion is don't 'bother to buy this computer or any samsung for the time being

  3. I have been searching around for a nice desktop, but I keep coming back to this one.
    I love the looks of this desktop and I have found one with a 512GB SSD 16GB Ram extreme
    I7 3770K processor 3.50 GHz with turbo boost to 3.90 GHz for $2500. Is that a good price?
    Please get back to me soon bc they only have 2.

  4. Thanks for the review buddy. I'm getting one of these myself off the NHS "Let's Connect" scheme. The only differences is that mine will have 6GB RAM instead of 8GB but the optical drive will be blu-ray. Might go dual with my existing 24" monitor 🙂

  5. Good job on the summation. So you would suggest this Samsung all-in-one PC?

    I was looking into the touchscreen Dell 27" XPS similar PC also. Have you tested that system? If so, any opinion on which one is better?

    I've read many disgruntled Dell ex-XPS owners (on Dell's website of all places) expressing nothing but negative comments on the XPS. Turned me off to this PC to say the least. Very poor technical support at Dell according to many of these folks.

  6. lol. the (unintentional) sight gags in this vid. linus doing a half-stand every time he touches the screen. and that last youtube vid behind linus of the guy lovingly caressing his cat, with a come-hither wiggle of his eyebrows.

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