Samsung Galaxy Book 12 LTE Review (Samsung Flow, Folio case,S-pen) #verizon

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Samsung Galaxy book is a hybrid Windows 10 tablet. supporting LTE bands on Verizon, and one of the biggest Super AMOLED displays on the market. today I have for you my review of the 12 inch Galaxy book with LTE from Verizon. I also demonstrate how Samsung flow work between the Galaxy S8 and the hybrid tablet. I hope you enjoyed my Mini review.

Unboxing video and Samsung Flow Demo:

Verizon link:



  1. Do you happen to have an issue with type cover? I got mine a few days ago and touchpad stops working when I close the cover and open it again. I have to detach the device from the type cover and reattach it to get the touchpad working again. Are you experiencing a similar issue?

  2. Awesome Review TK Absolutely enjoyed Thanks again for sharing. I really need to go check this one out in person but definitely sounds really nice.Again really enjoyed Deb 👍

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