samsung J2 prime SD Card set as internal storage using linux/ADB, no root

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Unable to move your app to SD card?
No internal storage option?
unable to format sd card as internal storage?

For Android 6 we could set the sd memory to become internal storage, but for some reasons phone manufacturer may had turn-off this function. We can solve it by using ADB shell. Here I show an example how to set SD memory to internal storage using Linux Ubuntu.

1. Back up the data you have in sd card.
2. Enable USB debug mode.
3. Open terminal type the ‘adb shell’ command (with…


  1. Hey @4nim I did that already, it works, but I am still getting the message my Internal memory is full even tho I am supposed to have over 30 GB of free memory on the Device storage.

    So, yes I am supposed to have over 45 GB in DEVICE STORAGE but I am still unable to do updated because it says INTERNAL STORAGE FULL (16GB)

    Basically does nothing because I am still getting the no storage available message

  2. I hate my phone because i only have 2 apps that i downloaded and it is instagram and messenger and i transfer it to my sd card but my phone was still storage space full wat the heck! i felt so stupid in j2 prime😠

  3. To make this easier for everyone here; 1) download adb ( 2) you must follow all instructions from the link to get you command box ready (also for all commands write before hand, ".")3) once you do that, read carefully, you must do this ".adb shell" 4) this will lead you to the next stage after that, do not do "." 5) keeping write next "sm list-disk" until you get your numbers – 179,128 or something else 5) after you've done that write "sm partition disk:(the number you got) private 6) you will then hear the noise from your computer indicating your accomplishment if not just go and check your phones gb storage to see. —- hope this helps out others, if not leave a question for me to answer!

  4. Lenovo A 7000 ka storage Kaise change Karenge जितना भी गाना वीडियो एप्स लोड करते हैं सबकुछ इंटरनल स्टोरेज में जाता है उसको एक्सटर्नल स्टोरेज में कैसे लोड करेंगे प्लीज रिप्लाई

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