Samsung NP300E5C-A0AUS laptop windows 8

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A look at the samsung NP300E5C-A0AUS computer running windows 8 64 bit


  1. I've had this computer for 2 years now. Ugh. I need a new computer. It takes about a minute & a half just to log onto my user (hence I'm the only user on this computer), it does not, and I repeat not run games well at all, Word takes like 2 minutes to open, and PowerPoint is laggy as hell. I dunno. I thought it's be better… Anyone know a decently priced laptop that runs games?

  2. but if you plan on using:
    3d editing software
    3d video editing software
    high rez games like: max pain, battlefield 3, world of warcraft, and so on
    then no.. id recommend getting an i7 for 700-900 dollars and maybe an i5 with ram maxed out.

  3. it really all depends on what you want to do with your laptop!

    if you are planning on:
    video streaming in HD
    multimedia browsing
    playing flash games
    using low graphics programs like office, excel, adobe photoshop cs or live, gimp, etc.
    school work
    then YES I would recommend buying this pc

  4. this pc is 2 of a kind in the i3 array. 4 separate cores to the dual core processor. standard 4gb memory out of all of the i3's it has the 2nd fastest cpu.

    it obviously won't hold up to an i5 or i7 due to lack of turbo boost and hyper threading.

    but it is an awesome and reliable not to mention fast computer.

    and if you take care of it, it wont break:)

  5. excuse him that he did not do a manicure before the video!
    He did not know that some people here would be more interested in his hands rather than watching the laptop.

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