Save Windows XP – June 30th Is The Death Date

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  1. 5 years later and my 4 year old xp desktop computer still works. Upgrading to windows 8 though, 8 days after ALL support for windows xp is being discontinued, will be the day I upgrade. Am really confused as to what one I want to get though. Sleekbook would of been it, but it doesn't have dvd rom thingy.

  2. A new port of the vundo virus killed it in 10 minutes of contraction. I was running Avira and Malwarebytes and a firewall. It destroyed the boot sector of the drive, and now I have to run recovery on it. I loaded Fedora 13 on it, installed in 10 minutes and it only took me a minute or so to configure it with the roles I needed. There is no longer any reason to run a Microsoft operating system, no reason at all.

  3. XP was the pinnacle of Microsoft's home-use operating systems.. VIsta is a new kernel called Longhorn, and it's horrible. built with that greasy C#.. I have one XP computer left, all the other's including my server I have switched over to Fedora 13, and it's WONDERFUL. The one XP computer seems to have been kissed by an angel or something, because it runs way better than it should, and never has problems.. Figure that. My server was running 2003 R2 Sp2 Enterprise until 2 days ago.

  4. lol I'm using XP for 8 years now and i don't think of switching to vista.
    Vista has only a better security center the other thing are just little programs (STUPID).
    Do not switch to vista its just the latest operating system with 80000 mil codes.
    STUPID !

  5. I know the to microsoft strategy. People will be desperate to get xp so if they aer on basic or home premium or bussiness, they are going to upgrade to ultimate ( cuz only it has the option
    to downgrade to xp). then they'll get more money

  6. it sucks XP is discontinued. but at least it is still sold with computers ("such as the asus eee pc, acer aspire one, and other computers you see with it") until i think 2010-2011, or something like that.

  7. no i dont think windows xp needs to be phased out what microsoft needs to do is bring back xp and just keep improving it because a lot of people keep saying that xp is simply better than vista because unlike vista its not a memory hog im running windows vista home basic preinstalled and it uses quite a lot of memory but i heard that it is really a good thing but i dont belive it and another thing i dont know why so many people upgrade to vista just to see the new aero theme and the glass effect

  8. hey duncan. i'm actually running Windows XP SP2 right now on my 2 year old Dell and i'm gonna keep it on it maybe for a long time until the computer gets old. however, i'm in the market for a used laptop that i want to install Vista onto to use as my experimental machine. Microsoft came out with SP3 for XP and they should have kept it out longer. XP rocks but Vista is growing on me since SP1 came out. by the way…awsome vids man. keep them up.

  9. you should try the windows emulator Wine. That should get your windows apps working under linux. But really, for most things there is a linux version. The only reason I have a dual boot with xp is to watch movies on netflix. Everything else I can do from linux. Oh and by the way, I am assuming you know that you can download linux for free. I personally wouldn't bother paying for it.

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