Scammer VS Linux Ubuntu

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This scammer really thought he would get money from me….at the very end i told him something very suprising 😀

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We dial all kinds of scammers LIVE non stop 24/7 to raise awareness and to waste their time so they get to scam less people. The more we dial them, the less chance they get to scam someone.

These people make a…


  1. 35:02"You are the f*cking guy of United State, you know dat?!" — "You are big c*ck!" (a compliment now?) says the guy with a gay voice — Oh, my… those Indian scammers are extremely childish and stupid a F… this is why they have a low IQ anyway. They are pathetic and need to be arrested for good but thank God, it happened! Watch this video and look how smart they are when some of those scammers are arrested (Canadian News)

  2. HAHA , SO Apparently ubuntu is slower than WINDOWS XD !!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, yeah right. I bet I could run Ubuntu on my Mac and it would be just as quick as my Mac, it has nothing to do with the OS.. what!?! And he didn't even tell you to download RuneScape on Linux?! LOL

  3. nalla means a jobless guy or a person who has nothing to do, u replied really well with "bhen ke lode" 😂😂 where r u from tho? also im surprised how u control urself 😂 i was laughing all the time, that little nab be like "ur windows drivers are corrupt *-*" 😂

  4. Scammer: "Don't lie to me again"

    Little did he know the whole scenario was a lie since it's a virtual machine

    You're doing a great thing by the way, keep it up! And love the dutch accent 😀

  5. they make money help stupid people and you make joke about it. and calling them you support them. service continues. becoues you called it(sponsor pay them by minute). if you want these you say scammers stop services you stop calling them. no call. why they should do it .lol. and if they really scammer they would know tricks for linux too

  6. Every time the tech said Mr. Bill (memories of Saturday night live character, I laughed)…Don't worry, they will show you each and everything ;o) —ahaha , another Great Video, thank you !!!!!

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