Sea of Thieves – E3 2017 – 4K Gameplay Walkthrough

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Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive. Shipwrecks and skirmishes, skeletons and storms: join us on this voyage across the Sea of Thieves for a taste of the treasure hunting adventures that lie ahead!

Xbox Live Gold required to play (sold separately).

For a chance to play in the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha, give feedback and help steer the course of Rare’s exhilarating shared world game, sign up for the Insider Programme now:

Official gameplay walkthrough for Sea…


  1. Rare…If you give us Captain Jack Sparrow,Captain Barbossa and Mr.Gibbs in the Sea of Thieves via a Pirates of the Carribean DLC..I promise you won't have to wonder about being a GOTY contender (I already think SOT is anyway),LOL! #BeThePirate

    PSN:DeathDealer41 Gamertag:BloodOath77

  2. I know tons of people that are going to buy this when it comes out, i hope they gear their servers up for hosting millions and millions because i know people from other surrounding schools even talking about it.

  3. 私の名前はPegaBlueです。

    (Use translator)

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