Seamless Windows 8 on Mac with Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac

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  1. Parallels Desktop 10 is still terrible. It does not fully support Retina Display, for a 15' macbook pro retina, it scales the resolution down to 1440×900. Texts and icons at this resolution are very blurry and hard to read, and if you enables retina via setting in Parallels, it will minimize texts and icons but it you increase its size, you'll be able to read it but if you open up apps like SQL Server or Visual Studio, all the buttons are so small even texts are large enough. I dont think parallels can do anything to improve this unless Microsoft does something different for the upcoming windows versions.

  2. I work as a MCT and tutor often win Office 2010 and 2013. I am considering MAC and Parallels for this use. What happens when I emulate Win 8.1 with Office 2013 and connect a projector? Will it be possible to duplicate the screens and do we get the screenoptions native to Windows?

  3. i am wondering if I could run this program but what I want to do is have a windows 8 laptop and by using parallels, I want to use Mac Os on the windows  computer, Is that possible to do?

  4. HELP: Does anyone know how i can use parallel or any other application as a "switch" for bootcamp. I used to be able to have a little icon that gave me the option to switch between Mac and windows before i formatted it and i had one in windows also. Can anyone please help me? Now im running Mavericks and windows 7 and my mac is a late 2009 model. 

  5. i love your videos.. and ur voice as well (y) but i have an important questions… am having some troubles with microsoft office and i need to use Word.. and someone suggested i use this "Parallels" thing so i can download microsoft office.. u think it's a gd idea? is it gonna work? is my laptop gonna be slow? or divided or something? am completly lost here… and i have no idea wt "Parallels" is… plz help me… thx in advanced.

  6. Hi Moe – not knowing the Architecture software I can tell you I did download the free trial and it installs and seems to run fine. But I did not have any complex drawings to render or play with. Looking at their system requirements this would fine however. Why not download the trial set it up and then you can see for yourself.

  7. If you are still using license on PC then no you would need to buy license, if you are getting rid of PC for Mac, then YES you could use that license and transfer to Virtual Machine.

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