SED Tutorial Basic Substitution Linux Shell BASH

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Intro Video by Milan Ristic
Intro Music By m2cm2cm2c


  1. +1 for using the CTRL-L to clear the screen. When I see a tutorial where guys are typing 'clear' I cringe, then wonder how much they could possibly know if they don't even know this rudimentary shortcut.

  2. First, Love you videos. Second, I am sure it has been suggested before, but like with books or online course, it would be nice to have working files available for DL to follow along with any demonstration videos. I have noticed most of your files are small and easy to recreate but building more complex files and having them available for DL would be cool. Anyway keep up the great shit. Love your 2016 series as well.

  3. Hi Kris's,
    Love ur videos about sed, perfect titles, perfect length, detailed info
    But it is very hard to keep track where I left on, which video.
    Could u possibly put all sed videos in one playlist?
    Usually, gurus like u collects all videos in same subject into one playlist

  4. Superb, many thanks.

    Just saved me heaps of time drudging through files. Needed to change the path to an include file from ../../../includes to includes/. Works brilliantly.

    Much appreciated

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