Setting Up A Brand New HP Laptop For The First Time August 2015 Part 1

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Fresh out of the box.. windows 8.1 laptop upgraded to windows 10
Removed Trialware .. Installed good free programs

Part 2

Laptop HP ENVY 15-k233ca
intel core i5 5200u 2.2GHZ
8GB ddr3 Memory
750GB Hard Drive

Software Installed

Advanced Systemcare


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  2. I'm stuck in the setup screens. Because I bought this in Portugal, everything is in Portuguese even tho I selected English. Now I'm stuck in the set up screens and I can't go forward or backward.

  3. Hey I just bought an HP Omen that has GTX 1050Ti and i7 7th gen and should run Windows 10. Well technically my uncle and aunt bought it in Dubai (vacation) since tech are probably better there. They just got back awhile ago and we live in separate houses. My uncle called me and told me that there's something wrong about Windows bla bla stuff like some codes or something. It's actually my first time getting a laptop. Any hints or clues on what to do with it after I got my hands on it? (I live in Philippines by the way. And no I'm not).

  4. i have had my laptop a few years now and it freezes at any time but i can have good days when it won't freeze for a while and other days when it will freeze with 30 mins after powering it on and it sometimes gets slow, what should i do cause i'm not very good with laptops so what should i do.

  5. Be care of  ventilation problems and think about distance between the table and bottom of the laptop with the  air –   inlet / intake  sleeves ….
    I prefere a set of chair / table  floor protectors which you can paste at the bottom of the   laptop ….
    I often use a knife-plate from the kitchen for a good cooling ventilated laptop.
    Updates and install software takes a lot of energy and   high processor-temperature:   "SET  THE  COOL-SETTINGS   FROM  PASSIVE   TO  ACTIVE – COOL – MANAGEMENT  …. finding it in  ENERGY MANAGEMENT – LIKE HIGH / LOW / BALANCED  ….

  6. I can't understand people who demonstrate but say not to do something they just did. You were hired by a client to do a job. Instead you tell everyone just how much you don't like the computer. You make decisions only the owner should make. The demo says setting up a new yet you spend the majority of time giving your opinion proving your ignorance. You actually keep guessing or saying I don't know or I guess.I sure hope the client doesn't see this. You admit not even knowing the clients name. I'm sorry the comments are so negative but you deserve them.

  7. I just bought a brand new HP desktop and set it all up , Microsoft, Office, outlook  and Drop box all working perfectly then restarted for icloud download and now it wants me to set it up all over again as though it is an initial start up. Microsoft not accepting log on details, freezing at a reload of HP detail registration, really very annoyed as we went out and bought this as a back up as another computer was in being fixed. Can not find anything to help on google. Can anybody help (have restarted several times)

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