Setting up a microphone in Windows 7

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A video demonstrating microphone settings in Windows 7.


  1. Why are you using such long ways to get somewhere, right click the little sound icon at the bottom right and open playback devices.. that was much easier. Dislike for making the process slow as fuck, teach people how to do things properly not go 1000 miles to get 3 meters away.

  2. At the talking phase, that yellow/green/red bars to indicate sound seems to be hovering around the middle. When I listen to what it's picking up, I get a loud buzzing noise and my voice is usually unable to be heard or very poorly. A higher volume for a louder voice makes louder buzzing.

    What should I be trying to search for solutions? I can't seem to get any real answers from anywhere. Googling the head set for drivers or something just gets me ads for the product I already have so I'm guessing there weren't any and I'm out of ideas.
    I use windows 7.

  3. my front input computer device of my headphones' mic is broke so i plugged my headphones ' mic output in my back input device but my mic doesn't work any more and the headphones are too low sound can you pls tell me how can i fix that problem?

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