Setup OSSIM With Linux and Windows OSSEC Agents

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[This is my first video tutorial. Please go easy on me 🙂 Let’s count how many times I say, “OSSIM” or “OSSEC”.]

This is a very basic video tutorial that will demonstrate how you can add OSSEC agents to OSSIM.

To follow along you will need a few boxes / VM’s running the following:

– OSSIM 4.4
– CentOS (Tutorial v 6.4)
– Windows [Any] (Tutorial v. Server 2008)




  1. For the windows OSSEC, I presume that the IP address that required for the windows client workstation must be a static IP address right? If I do not have the static IP address is there other way to go about it?

  2. When configuring agents do you use the IP of the actual server you are monitoring (Windows2008-Server, CentOS-Server), or do you make an completely different IP for the agent itself?

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