Setup VPN in Windows 8 by AvoidErrors

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This step-by-step video tutorial shows how to setup and access a VPN (PPTP) connection on Windows 8


  1. Around the three minute mark, I get to the router settings but my interior is completely different – there's no language change tab and it's all Chinese, not to mention I can't find anything similar to the PPTP thing

  2. so is it possible for the client computer to be windows 10, while vpn server is windows 8.1, somehow it worked first time i tried it but i lost internet connection but then i deleted and tried again it never connected….both on LAN and WAN..any advice on what to do??? Thanks

  3. guys by the way, If you don't know much about computers and programming. Please try and stay away from configurations. You should learn about computers and programming first, then watch this video.
    Before you try to setup a VPN, ask yourself why you want to set up a VPN.
    The top reasons to setup VPN is for torrenting, downloading or using internet in a restricted zone/country, extreme privacy reasons, and/or illegal use of internet browsing. Besides that, you don't need VPN. If you want LAN games for the computer use Hamachi or Garena. If you want to transfer files safely, use a flashdrive. Besides these reasons, you don't really need a VPN.

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