Sharing a Folder in Windows 7

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This tutorial will show you how to set up a shared folder in Windows 7 and also the permissions that users have for the shared folder.


  1. Can anyone tell me please how to add printer driver to startup menu of a remote computer in win7? I used to do that in winXP by doing the following 1) from my computer I click on run then \remote_computer#c$all programsstartup  and then I access network printer driver using this command \printerseverprinter#  and drop that printer# icon to the startup… and when user of remote computer restart the computer, the printer gets installed automatically? how to do that in Win7?

    In another words, how can I access remote computer (Shell:PrintersFolder)? I want to access remote computer PrintersFolder,. By remote computer, I mean another computer connect to our network, so I can add/delete printer? any help would be very very much appreciated. Thanks and thanks for the video, very good one.

  2. instead of sharing a folder, can you just share a entire drive? i have a usb hdd plugged in, i get as far as clicking advanced settings and then check "share the drive", but then back in properties, the "share…" button is greyd out which is needed to click share with everyone, any ideas?? thanks in advance

  3. well apparently you dont need to share files because microsoft shares it for you automatically through making your Users folder and subfolders open like a virgin flower for any one connected to your local network .

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