Sharing Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet Hotspot to PC or Laptop

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Used my Samsung Galaxy S4 Android Smartphone 3G Connection as Internet Hotspot selected on Asus Laptop running on Windows 8. Latest Samsung smartphones:


  1. If I were to get unlimited data on my phone . How well does phone internet signal work with computers and streaming device such as ROKU ETC . I am sick of getting raped by the cable company raising my bill . For 35 speed internet I have to pay 100.00 dollars . And have no other options. Any help or advice will be much appreciated . God Bless

  2. I've done it and it works, so thank you. I'm on unlimited data, so how much can the 

     s4 phone handle?

    You see, I'm thinking of switching off the internet connection off and saving a lot. It

    was £19.99 and the company would ring every year to renew, then they sold it to

    Virgin(con men) in 07? and they never informed me of anything, I've wasted about 

    £1500, just by ignoring it. I can't even remember the name of the company now. 


  3. With my phone, you have to pay $10 extra for tetheringor to use your phone as a hot spot. Any way, how fast is a download using your phone as a hot spot………cause I download large videos.

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