Shell Basics Writing a Shell Script Linux Tutorial 5

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Writing a Shell Script – Tutorial

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  1. Man, you are doing great job. I am so thankfull to you. Could please tell me where can I find more videos for you on basic lessons. I also wanna ask you if you have a tutorial on Linux Programming Interface.

    Thank you a gain Millions Thumps Up,

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  3. every 3 months i do update on my plexmedia server and my path is ( cd /usr/local /src/filename)
    i wouldlike to go fast by using bash exemplo
    –( #!/bin/bash
    got it

  4. love ur videos. really really gud buddy. May God the Almighty rewards u for ur work.

    got a question though
    i did the way u described nd it worked out well except attributing it to another file.
    it looks that way: echo "$name" >> indtroduction.log

  5. this video is great, I just don't uderstand one thing… I want to create a shell script that
    terminates all processes of a name given to the shell
    script as an argument, I have done something like this: #!/bin/bash
    ./app1 &
    # …
    kill $PID

  6. Great tutorials. Most tutorials go from "Hello World" to advanced, with no intermediate instruction. Needless to say that can be very frustrating for a noob. Your vids fill the void and now I think I may actually get the hang of this scripting thing.

  7. Thanks!! Greatย  Instruction, I do not have nano. Pico looked identical , except for the text colors almost identical in behavior. it is nice to know that there is yet, another option besides Vim,and Emacs. I usually use vim, still getting down the mechanics.
    Emacs is a ways off yet.

    Andย  to use bash made it even more achievable. This level ofย  instruction had been "JUST" what I was looking forย  . Looking forward to them all.ย  Thanks Again.

  8. I really like these vids.ย  I hope you do more.
    Especially since it's not juut lines in the prompt.
    I want to learn to use BASH (or any linux shell) to automate things.ย 
    To help me learn everything I can do with it rather than simply use directories, etc.
    I have a whole bunch of programming stuff I want to learn and shell useage and automation is very essential IMO.
    I want to run scripts from programming languages I learn. (By the way, if I nano #!/bin/python will that run a python script or do I need to setup/import a python interpreter?)

  9. Thanks Kris! Your posts are just the right thing to step into bash-scripting. The new videos are so much better than the old ones…
    One question: if one does not know about all parameters of a bash function ( e.g. you often use ย -n or -e for the ย "echo" function). Is there an easy way to list all parameters of a function in the bash?ย 

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