Shifting from BIOS to UEFI with Windows 10 – MBR2GPT disk conversion tool

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Windows Program Manager, Desmond Lee, demonstrates the new MBR2GPT disk conversion tool that’s part of Windows 10 Creators Update. This is a comprehensive yet concise overview that explains how you can safely and non-destructively convert a Windows 10 machine from legacy BIOS to UEFI disk partitioning; and how you can automate the conversion as part of your in-place upgrade process from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Importantly, unlike wipe and load methods, all of this can be achieved without…


  1. Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced Startup > RESTART NOW
    From here you can get to the COMMAND PROMPT so you can do the things mentioned in the video.

    This should have been more clear because I was using a usb with windows 10 to get to that same menu but it was not the same it had different source.

  2. I have done successfully, but after reboot its no signal. I try reset cmos to make its start uefi but not help. When sent my 1 week desktop pc to dealer they said all hardware shock by esd can recovered. Mobo+gpu+cpu fault, thats my experience.. finally bought new one since warranty not cover. I recommend for beginner read the guide carefully before try..

  3. Thank You very much for the clear instructions on converting partition styles. I was about to reinstall Windows as I've already backed up my data. This has made the process so much easier. Thank you once again.

  4. Hi, before I try anything I want to know if this would work for my old Dell Inspiron 620. The motherboard bios (version A10) has no option to switch between Legacy and UEFI and in the system details the Bios Mode is set on "Legacy" and Secure Boot State is set on "Unsupported".
    I want to change it to UEFI because I want to install my RX 560 but win 10 64bit won't start up, and from what I read and see on videos I need to change it to UEFI.
    So if this is possible with an old Dell computer from 2011, let me know, thank you in advance 🙂

  5. I was thinking that would avoid getting infected by ransomware attacks as they modify MBR , however looks to me it's not the case , even you have UEFI you are still exposed to ransomware like recent Petya … Correct ?

  6. i hve purchased Jumper Ezbook 2. now i want to install the new copy of window 10, but my system is not gona booth woth usb r exernal cd,,,,can you please help me to get its BIOS setting step by step….Bundle of Thanks….

  7. Sir,
    I need your help, i formatted my c drive when i going to install win 10 pro 64 bit in pc and then now it showing that i have to convert to mbr to gtp, but as i have format the c drive i am not able to start my pc. So now what i have to do to install windows in my pc
    Please help me sir..

  8. I need to integrate this tool into an SCCM task sequence that can perform the conversion on BIOS systems if need be. Not in-place upgrade, but an SCCM OSD task sequence that can handle bare metal AND "refresh". Can you help me Mr. Lee?

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