Should I Switch to Manjaro?

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==Why did you switch to Manjaro?==

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  1. as other have said , Manjaro is a solid choice, been using it for the last 6 months and havent had any real problems, think in total three times it frooze for various reasons, but use the computer alot like 12 hours a day. Cheers

  2. I was tinkering with a few distros and I just settled with Manjaro KDE thankfully very soon after "the november update"(aka blue november in my calendar) and it seemed like the only one I could settle for. Plasma had more features than all windows versions combined, the system is rock solid, and last but not least the updates are well packed easy to install(octopi rules) and make the system easy to maintain(only 43 hours of downtime the last 8 months!) but do not lose anything in terms of usability and more complicated workflows! In fact I managed to run AutoCAD in a VM word and excel at PoL(damn microsoft formats,openoffice wouldn't print right), and use various instances of the file browser and the web browser plus a calculator and of course VLC to play an episode of Futurama when I had time for a break, ALL AT THE SAME TIME and I was still able to handle them(16 windows can make Windows a bit clusterred) with great ease(KDE rules).

    Conclusion:Go for it!

  3. Help!!! Used Ubuntu for years, about 3-4 yrs ago until it got bloated and buggy. I switched to Linux Mint, loved it at first now it's getting buggy and malwarey/hackey. Looking for a new Linux OS and looking for suggestions.

  4. so I installed manjaro on my desktop asrock mobo, problem is my ethernet does not work… could be a driver problem but then again I cant access the internet to install it cause I can't use the ethernet

  5. I tried few distros (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint, Elemntary OS) and when I landed on manjaro my disto hopping ended. Manjaro rocks and I see no point of changing it since I can use almost all environments there (my favourites are KDE5 and Gnome 3). However, although KDE wins in many instances, it still has a bug with bad resolution changing when setting a wallpaper so the same wallpaper looks way better on Gnome… so overall, Gnome can potentially look better then plasma… What a shame, but Plasma still offers better workflow and possibilities so…

  6. The main reasons for me to switch to manjaro were,first, the AUR a repository of source code which you can easily compile,it´s a trusted source,don´t have to download .deb files from sources you mightnot trust.Second the fact that it is a roling release I don´t have to install newer releases it will always be at the newest stand.
    Third the easy and quick install.

  7. Antergos vs Manjaro. Antergos= Arch kernel + Arch repos + AUR. Manjaro= Manjaro kernel + Manjaro repos + AUR. I find Antergos less buggy as Arch repos work better with AUR. I find software from older Manjaro repos don't always mix well with AUR software.

  8. I run Manjaro. I like Manjaro. I started using it because I wanted Arch but my system wouldn't boot if I just followed the default Arch installation instructions and I really liked the Manjaro installer and default settings. That said, I would recommend Antergos to someone who is in the same situation now as I was then. It's pure Arch with some customizations, which has a couple of benefits (simple example: the ABS is not supported on Manjaro and so they remove it from their repos, making it quite hard for me to use it, even though I know what I'm doing). Also sometimes Arch Wiki articles aren't exactly applicable and there is no corresponding Manjaro Wiki article.
    The primary advantage of Manjaro is the amount of spins they have. (There's a nicely set-up i3 spin! An i3 spin!)

  9. Well, manjaro according to my usage experience was not that stable and I had a lot of issues but yes software is the plus point for manjaro.. All the software including kazam is available…. So yeah my final decision: :Ubuntu 15.04

  10. I suggest ArchBang.. from there you can build your System Up from OpenBox…Or if you have time (Something I Dont have a lot of) Go with pure Arch.. I like pure/vanilla Arch.. Installed it numerous times… but i just dont have the time anymore (School) so what I do now (when I have to reload) I install ArchBang and Build my system up from openbox…or if you like a faster road to Arch I guess Antergos or Architect Linux is the way to go

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