Showmouse – Cool Mouse Effects in Linux (Ubuntu)

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Looks like flaming comets flying around my mouse. I normally don’t use this, unless I’m doing a recording for the viewers to better see where my mouse is.

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  1. @PCAddictsLive okay and also is there a way to get stuff from windows 7 to it cuz i was browsing and its like having a whole new computer and i dont want to set everything back up (on ubuntu 11.1 or what ever the newest version is)

  2. @LikeLinux Hahaha, you heard it eh? It's a recording of me saying "Hey Yo Chris", (edited) – it's triggered when someone in our chat room says my name, so it sort of alerts me.

  3. linux is FREE. you don't need to steal an activation code or anything, or pay money. all programs you see were developed by people who simply enjoy making this stuff. join an Ubuntu Forum (there are tons) and LEARN how to use linux. then TEACH others. OR create NEW stuff for the linux community. the more who jump on the train, the better the ride gets.

  4. wubi will give you ubuntu 9.10, with compiz installed. (thats the program that does the effects and the 3d cube) you just need compiz settings manager from synaptic package manager.
    in the settings manager, click on advanced effects, then click on animations add-ons.
    NOW you get the "burn" effect.

  5. for newbies on linux…….try wubi-installer. if you have windows, and want to experiment with linux (the OS that has the cool stuff you just saw) install this program in windows. it will give you a dual boot menu. you can still go do what you know how to do and need to do in windows, and you can play in linux and learn.

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