shutdown compared ubuntu vs fedora

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shutdown compared ubuntu vs fedora


  1. fedora 9 was the first distro I ever installed on my computer. I tried unbuntu last year and mint but I didn't like them. I think it took me like a week to get my wireless adapter working in fedora and accidentally formatting my whole hdd 😛 it was a fun learning experience though.

  2. Ubuntu is for linux noobs. I guess it should be there. Ubuntu is a kind of gateway to other linux distros. Some want more, some will stick to the simplicity of Ubuntu.
    They say Ubuntu 9.04 is seriously gonna compete with windows and mac. This is gonna be great for the whole linux world 😀

  3. you call showing an ICON to show you where the shutdown is because u cant read, then yes.. Ubuntu is more user friendly..

    Get real, both are the same the difference is that the fedora users can read and dont need any "cute" icons to do the work.. why dont you upload a video showing witch one loads first in the same computer using external apps like compiz-fusion, etc.. you will be supriced. btw. Fedora Rules for networking. ubuntu just.. works.

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