Simple Little Tips & Tricks Part 4 – Ubuntu 10.10

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-spin down hard drive
-totem create screenshot gallery for videos
-nautilus hotkeys
Ctrl+L or Alt+Home to open home folder
/+Enter to open root folder
Ctrl+S to use pattern search

-custom hotkeys
compiz –replace
metacity –replace
emerald –replace
wineserver -k
gnome-search-tool –hidden

Change Wallpaper:

bash -c ‘gconftool-2 -t str -s /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename “$(find ~/Pictures/Wallpapers -type f | shuf -n1)”‘


  1. @blackoutworm lmfao maybe he thinks the more he pays the better he gets. sorry not payin 300 bucks for a OS. il torrent it before anything. or i can get linux.. for free. not to mention they send you a free disc..

  2. @KirbyPwnz13 Well, the money and compatibility part makes no sense since linux is free and windows isn't. In fact, to make windows better you'll always have to pay more and more, more for software such as anti virus, office, anti spyware, firewall and all that crap. There is only 1 security thing you have to consider when you use Linux, and that is a firewall (which is free). Everything linux related is free and open sorce. So in the long run it's defiantly way better than any of MS's products.

  3. @blackoutworm The lack of compatibility. When I was building my computer I *was* going to use Ubuntu, but I just decided to spend an additional $100 for compatibility. Sorry, but Ubuntu and other Linux OS's are lacking that.

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