Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Into Installation DVD ISO by Britec

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Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 and Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Into Installation DVD ISO

Now that the Service Pak 1 for Windows 7 is available for download, you might want slipstream it into the Windows 7 installation DVD. The slipstreamed DVD comes in handy as you won’t need to install the Service Pack every time after Windows installation.

We all know that the feature-rich Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) browser is not included in Windows 7 Service Pack 1. So, every time you reinstall your Windows 7,…


  1. another disappointing video made by britec did everything step by step just like in the video wasted time waiting for the program to process and finish even showed up in the the install but after it completed wasnt installed just another disappointment just like his iso build video which wasnt any more then a zip file just like the dead links he leaves to the software

  2. Oh and my system runs much faster now, especially after two tweaks I found ie, if you have 4 Gb or more turn of virtual paging and go to msconfig and click on boot then advanced options and tick number of processors then select how many you have.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I decided to go ahead and try this and was prompted for my product number, yay, I knew that would prove I have a genuine copy, btw it didn't work the first time stating the operating system I am using is more up to date (something like that) I knew that wasn't correct so I tried again out of desperation and it worked the only down side was I HAD to do a complete reinstall as the upgrade option didn't' work so I made copies of all the apps(setup files that is) I have downloaded and important documents, movies etc. Omg after the reinstall there was 188 updates to download, damn something like 6-7 hours all up.

  4. i have come across XP pro slip streamed with sp2, and many other third party utilities to make single installation to make ur system complete.  with this RT Lite can i add with windows 7, sp1, ms office 2010, and other useful applications/utilities i had added while installing windows 7 only?

  5. Hi, I have tried running sfc on my computer and it couldn't fix the problems it found so this sounds like the best way to proceed but I want to know if it will work for me as my op system was originally Vista Home Premium and I got a Win7 upgrade dvd (all original software)  then installed sp1, I have since tried to remove (sp1 but it wont work due to corrupt files or missing files) system readiness tool creates a file that list literally 2000+ missing files which I know 100% I didn't delete. home this is clear, my worry is I have an upgrade dvd for windows 7 home premium not a full version.

  6. I don't know why it fails on the last sequence on installing with virtualbox … Completing Installation… services/restart, then crash preparing desktop to Welcome (a "ding song") ! nothing appears to be broken, just says , you need to reinstall because something could not be installed, wtf ?! why they don't make another release without those bugs of script error and always appear some pop-ups ~! very annoying !

  7. Microsoft hosts Windows 7 ISO's! I have x86 and x64 links of Windows 7 in all editions.

    Just search "Windows 7 SP1 digital river" Digital river is Microsoft's official file server

    Additionally you can make these ISO's universal with the EI.CFG removal tool that deletes a cfg file that locks a Windows ISO to a specific edition. With this cfg file missing, the ISO becomes universal.

    Search "softpedia ei.cfg removal tool"

  8. At 5:29, are you certain you interpreted the message correctly? I interpreted it to mean that one cannot integrate 64-bit onto 64-bit when running on a 32-bit host system, the host system being the computer used to prepare the install. This stipulation is common with image preparation as one generally needs to be using the target environment to prepare the image, e.g. Win 2k SP4 for Win2k SP4. XP SP3 32-bit for XP SP3 32-bit, etc. Site literature seems to reflect my understanding: /XiTtKo

  9. Hello Brit. Thank you so much for your generocity for creating such an invaluable tutorial! This actually helped me speed up Windows diployment process. I was wondering if you can show us how to slipstream dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64.exe and all the following dotNet hotfixes in to Win 7 installation files. The original file and updates amount to a whopping 180 MB ( or more! )!! I keep the computers rebooting only to find more and more updates. 🙁 Once again, thank you so much, sir! :- )

  10. … I'm and idiot, i saw an commercial for htis.. on the tv. Uninstalled it cause it looked the same, I had it already… Now i uninstalled it and it wont install anything, It says troubleshooting problems

  11. Thanks for uploading this! I was wondering if there is a microsoft way of doing this, like using DISM but it doesn't install all the updates. It looks like some update packages have dependencies on each other and have to install in the correct order but I don't know which updates depend on what. Can you help me out?

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