Smashmouth Recreated From Windows XP Sounds

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pass me the floppy disk
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  1. Somebody once told me
    Windows is gonna roll me
    That i ain’t have the best mouse in the shed
    It was looking kinda dumb
    With that paperclip add on
    Talking things I never asked to hear
    Well, the years stop coming
    and it doesn’t stop running
    Back to the drawing board
    I saw Microsoft coming
    Didn’t make sense not to play for fun
    The hardware’s fine and it gets the job done
    So much todo so much to see
    So what’s wrong in making a tour peep
    You never buy if you don’t show
    You’ll never try if you don’t know

    Hey now, you’re an XP
    Get your game on
    Go, play
    Hey now, you’re a PC
    Get this show on
    Make way
    All that shines is backlight
    Only loading bars, will go down this night

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