Softmaker Office 2018 – Released for Linux

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FYI: I forgot to mention in the video there may be a FREE version released for Linux. In this video we take a look at what Softmaker Office 2018 looks like on Linux. I think you will be impressed.

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  1. It's high time for the corporate world to switch to Libre Office and the .odt format. If for no other reason, then because it's way more cost-effective and it's cross-platform. Libre Office is now mature and good looking enough to become the de-facto standard for all humanity.

  2. Most of the cross-suite formatting issues are font related, download the MS compatible fonts into LibreOffice and your 99% good. If you can't live without MS Office then run it under WINE.

  3. Hey Rob, been a while since i've watched your videos I personally like the choice of paid software vs free and open source coming to Linux. Regardless of the platform there are just things I'd rather pay for over open source / free because I feel more confident getting support, and the software being able to work well with proprietary stuff (when needed).

    As you know I've been a mac user for many years, and while I appreciate and learn about all platforms. Studying on Linux, and the Linux community has really put a question in my mind. Why would I want to switch to Linux, when I already have a Unix based system that gives me the choice of running both proprietary and open source software together + also being able to virtualize any other OS I wanted. I could understand windows vs Linux, but the Mac OS, and linux are much more closely related. The only thing I miss is tweaking the GUI sometimes, but I rarely do that anymore. Anyway great video, just wanted to share some thoughts. Have a great day!

  4. I have used SoftMaker Office for the past 18 months or so, mainly as SoftMaker Office 2016 and recently upgraded to SoftMaker Office 2018. This is a good package as I use both the Windows and the Linux versions, both the OS’s are on two separate hard drives on the same computer.
    Other than some slightly different layouts, SoftMaker Office is very similar to Microsoft Office.
    The only real operational difference I have found is with PlanMaker, you need to know and have a good understanding of how to set up functions in SoftMaker Office, as the software does not have helpful wizards as in both MS Office and Libre Office. Generally I can get by with Libre Office if I have to use some obscure function, I do not understand.
    One other point I have run into, is not so much the software but with the installation. I tended to Distro hop a bit too much in the past nine months or so, and as I loaded SoftMaker Office 2016 into each new Distro, the software refused to work after about 20 or so installations, and I had to contact SoftMaker help line to get them to give me an additional 15 or so installation. I had not realised this was a feature SoftMaker had built into the software, so I now tend to only install the Linux version when I am sure I will stick with only one Distro for at least a number of months or so. At present I’m using Mint Cinnamon 18.3 but will probably switch to Elementary when they upgrade later in the year.
    To conclude this software is good and probably a better option for general use to MS Office for less money.

  5. thunderbirb powered by softmaker… lol softmaker powered by thunderbird and you have no credit for thunderbird it's a mozilla compagny product and it's already a competitor for outlooks that i use everyday. I don't like the tone of this video, looks like you are taking the credit of products made bya others

  6. Mr. Collins… (Rob…) Forgive me if someone else has mentioned this or if this appears below (and I missed it because I looked first), but LibreOffice Writer has had a ribbon since version 5.x (something) and v. 6.x (latest patch/upgrade) has a default (I think because that is what just opened for me; it could also be that, since I had a ribbon set already in 6.0, that the upgrade honored that) ribbon interface that is spectacular–I think that it looks better than Word.

    I can't comment on the .docx compatibility because I do not have a lot of experience trying to use that within LibreOffice. I am a subscriber to Office 365 (not a full version on the PC but the Web-based suite of offerings–it is v. good in toto when considering the breadth of applications AND responsive support) and the Cloud offering is v. limited in certain specific instances (that I will not bother to list) that can be frustrating to full-program users.

    If you can try LO6.x and get the ribbon interface to load (I can reply here, further, if you run into a problem) I think that you will be quite surprised how muscled-up it is.

    Great video and and important angle to address… W. (Whit)

  7. ok so it's not free but it's on linux… if you want to sell it why not making it on windows? the principle of linux is to be free… finally there may be a free version… ??? and sorry but WPS office is perfectly compatible with MS office… looks like you don't know what you are talking about

  8. One of the most important things to remember is to always save documents and presentations as a PDF file, if you don't plan on changing them later.I have never come across a system that could not display PDFs correctly, it's a very robust format.

  9. hello Linux quest there is free version its there 2016 version type freeoffice into Google it's from the same company you will need get a email to let them sent you a key very easy and simple it's my office program Linux nowadays, it's good with ms documents types. anyways good video keep it up.

  10. I think this is very good. I would like to see what they have done with Thunderbird, have they improved the spellchecker so that suggestions come up from the personal dictionary? I wish more companies would come to Linux I have no issues with commercial software as long as it does what I want iot to do. Thanks Rob great review.

  11. $99 seems a little steep, but it does seem to deliver what it says it will do. I just don't believe MS knows how to play nice with others and will find some way mess this up for all the other kids on the playground! I do hope that if they come up with a Linux version that people will remember that it costs someone to put this beautiful software together! Freedom has to be supported.

  12. I'm just glad that more companies are paying attention to linux. The more which embrace the platform, the more people will start to pay attention to it and other software will gain exposure.

  13. Hi Rob, thanks for this timely video.
    I was with a client recently who runs Lubuntu. She opened a .docx file email attachment in LibreWriter and some of the picture formatting was off. I tried to fix the formatting in LibreWriter and save it as another .docx file. When I opened the altered .docx file in LibreWriter, the picture had disappeared! Ultimately, I opened the original .docx file using the online version of Word in which showed the correct formatting.
    I will suggest that she try Softmaker Office to see if it's suitable.

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