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DELL INSOIRON 15R & DELL INSPIRON N5110 are facing the problems of hanging or freezing when plugged in for charging.I will show you the solution for it in february 2013.


  1. I have download and going to start it but my laptop was hang I remove battery of it but I am surprise when the scree was on after remove the battery I cannot solve plz plz plz help me yar

  2. Hi @keshav , this worked for me for my Dell xps, thank you so much!! Can you plz tell me what is the logic behind this fix? Why was the system freezing in balanced power mode..any idea? I wanted to know the root cause of the problem… thanks!

  3. You are soooo resourceful!…I have every confidence in you. I mean whenever I'm experiencing a problem I search for your solution and once I find your video without even listening I feel a sense of relief cause I know my problem is over. All the best in life and I hope you find complete happiness and contentment………Appreciate you 100%

  4. Thanks for this video tutorial. It really solved my problem. I have been grappling with this problem for more than one year. It will be great if you use a high resolution camera for further videos. I could barely see text on your screen here. Thanks once more.

  5. I have the exact same laptop as you and it still freezes and also I don't believe this works because there was no proof that your laptop actually froze I say this one is a fail (sorry)

  6. You're awesome man! I almost threw this laptop away. I think you didn't only solve this issue for me, you solved other issues with the computer and I learnt from you. You're great and please teach us more!

  7. My channel is a gaming channel so the game I'm doing is in my laptop. I did the high performance thing but it still freezes after like ~10 min. Is there any other solution or y it freezes after ten min?

  8. Hi. I am facing a lot of problems….. My laptop freezes every now and then for about 3-4 secs.
    I have already done all the high performance options available.
    My system specs : i7 core processor, 6GB RAM, windows 8.1, 15-inch screen, 500GB disk space.
    But its freezing like anything.
    Help me out man….. my id :

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