SOLVED: The color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 Basic

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How To Prevent The Default Windows Color Scheme From Changing. When I make my How-to videos for you guys, lately my desktop goes black for a second then I get the Windows Error ” The Color Scheme Has Been Changed to Windows Basic. The current color scheme has exceeded its allowed memory so the color scheme has been automatically changed to improve performance. ” This is a simple fix,
1. Simply right click on your computer
2.Select properties
3. Select advanced
4. Under performance select…


  1. For YEARS, that Windows Basic Color Scheme crap has annoyed me. I sometimes had to restart my computer in order for it to go back to normal. I just did what you said, and it went back to normal. BUT……I opened up a program that always causes this to happen just to see if it still does, and it did. It STILL went to Windows 7 Basic Color Scheme. But at least this method makes it go back to normal (now maybe I won't have to restart during times when it won't go back on it's own).

  2. Reason why the color scheme has been changed to Windows 7 basic:
    1.A running program is not compatible with certain visual of Windows. When you using 32 bit or 64 bit.
    2.Computer Performance Warning.
    and more

  3. Hi there i saw your video, i have a problem the colour of the writing under the desktop icons has change and i want them back white and i`m finding NO videos an you ube obout how to do this maybe you can help alot of people out there, (sorry windows 7)

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