1. At first the method in the video did not work until I repaired the corrupted files using SFC and then DISM. Then by using this method I was able to recover the desktop etc. Thanks for the effort of putting this video out here!
    If the method in the video does not work for you dont give up…go to https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/system-file-check-sfc-scan-and-repair-system-files/bc609315-da1f-4775-812c-695b60477a93
    Also, it doesnt matter where you back up, just as long as you back up, usb, external hd, does not matter.

  2. what if I delete the one with (.bak) without backing up since we don't have a backup drive. can I still recover the deleted files? when I go to the users profile its all empty. How can I recover these files?

  3. Thanks. After 9 hours of following other guides and going through Regedit myself, this was the one that fixed it for me.

    One thing that you make clear to do, but not why, is the back up. You have to back up or your user files WILL BE DELETED.

    Thanks for the fix

  4. Bro u r awesome

    I owe my laptop to u man

    Seriously I was getting scared to death

    None of the solutions were working

    And suddenly your trick came as a life saver

    All thanks to u man

    Thank you so much

  5. Sorry but, I forgot my code in my computer win 10. I can go in start menu but sometimes he ask me password. What can I do, to delete password or to change password on Microsoft account. I want your help, please tell me when you can.

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