Solved: Windows Freezing Randomly [windows 10, 8.1,8 and 7]

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Windows 10 Hangout or Freeze issues.
How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck While using.
This video will help you for fix this problem, not sure for all user.
Option is adjusting Power plan set-up.

1.Access Power option
2.choose what the power button does
3.uncheck list of shut-down settings

next on plan setting

1.Change plan settings

2.Change advance power settings

3.find graphic setting and PCI express

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Windows 10 freeze issue
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  1. My problem is that only when im in games after like 10 mins my pc makes a freezing kinda sound like "brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" then its quiet, but pc is still on but keyboard and mouse is off, and only in games, help please

  2. Literally did this, and i shit you not, closed the window to open back up. (Omg.. lightning fast) but then it froze.. my mouse could still move. But it froze.. since i couldn't touch anything. I had to force shut down.
    On second attempt i realised my settings didn't go through. So i had to turn balanced back on for one of them. I use power4gear and in performance mode, always have. So i have no idea why i'm having these problems now.
    The main problem is i get this lag spike. A big one too. I told a few programs not to run in the background or initiate on startup. Which helped. But i still get dropkicked and it starts having a heart attack. It just slows down to a halt until i can't click anything and nothing opens nor reacts to my clicking. This dialogue bow will pop up and say "windows has stopped working". With a selection to either cancel or end program or whatever.
    Lastly, update is that i restarted my computer. And yes as i type this on my phone, corrections and all, still my comp hasn't loaded my login bar to type in my password. Been about maybe 5 minutes by now. I don't know, it feels like an eternity sitting here doing nothing.
    Sooo… now I had to do a hard reset. Now when i log in I'm getting the black screen of death and just my cursor… i'm going to wait and see if anything loads.

  3. The way I fixed this I know with me when I fist install my AMD Radon video card in windows 10 it would freeze quite a lot Then I have to restart the computer But I found it was mainly because of a lock of power win 10 was not providing enough power to run the video card. Just to run most video cards these days They burn up over 300 watts So the lock of power most times cause winnows to freeze up. Mainly because when windows was installed on my computer it was not turned up for gaming or for the video card I installed So it thinks Im running in laptop mode. it was trying to save me power But If I got a decedent PSU an ATX 850 watt So the First thing I did was go to settings in win 10 then systems then power option then I clicked on high performance then click on change plan settings then change advance power settings turn off PCI While there input your power management maximum power setting. input the frequency of one of your CPU cores If it Say 3991 MHZ then input 4000 MHZ there a lot more you can do here but this should stop your computer freezing for now

  4. i already know all this every video been the same every other day it still lock up on me and freezes for 10 minutes i have to hard restart the system on my laptop witch came with windows and clean reinstall and still does it it lastet a year and half with out problems before it started locking up and freezeing and hanging for more then 20 minutes locking up firefox ie and chrome i did everything the videos said and still locks up its brand new laptop i cant afford a gaming rig so i have xbox one i would like help if someone can windows 10 home preuim so yeah x64 im not only person with same problem either hp 15 notebook quad serires so yeah

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