Solved: Windows Media Player Missing in Windows 10

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Solved: Windows Media Player Missing in Windows 10

This video will show you how to fix the issue when WMP is missing in Windows 10.

If your running Windows N or KN versions. these versions don’t have media features included by default. (Example: Music, Video, Voice Recorder, and Skype)

Download below:

Media Feature Pack for N edition of Windows 10 Version 1703 (April…


  1. The N Build was required by EU many years ago and the rumours are that a bare handful of PCs a year had it installed – in the real world it is almost as rare as the Northern White Rhino.

    I would be more worried about WMP being removed from all W10 versions as MS wants us all to use Groove and Films& TV apps (both of which are cr*p)

  2. I just had a lady come to me and ask where is media player, my dvd used to play but now it doesn't …. I installed VLC player for her and yes WMP had disappeared. Thanks for this Video mate.

  3. I thought WMP was removed a long time ago, cause I've been using "Groove Music", "Movies & TV" & "Photos" for a long time, they have been setup by default ever since I upgraded, which has been years now. Then again, I don't use pro, because it just doesn't seem worth it…

  4. Best video player by far is mpc-be. Click on videos to pause/play, thumbnail for video frames like youtube so you can easily skip through videos, and much more. Play with the settings and youll see. I was all about vlc first then i found mpc-hc. Thought i hit gold until i found mpc-be, diamonds!

  5. It would seem that on W10 WMP you can move the scroll bar and the video shows the movement, but this does not work on W7 which is the OS I prefer. IS there a way I can get this feature to work onW7? Thanks.

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