Some tips and tricks, linux running skyrim.

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Short video of Linux Ubuntu 14.04 running skyrim. Playonlinux, and wine.


  1. I'm on openSUSE 13.1 I played this using KDE but now use GNOME and have played all the games listed in PlayOnLinux program that I had on Steam, if it's on the list I would suggest just getting a a Steam copy, it will run it. Sometimes you have to fool around and try different wine versions and all, but my PC is pretty high end in the gaming department. PlayOnLinux is all Python I believe, it actually makes me wanna learn Python now. My current Steam list that is on the PlayOnLinux games list is Skyrim, Fable, Witcher, Witcher 2 (which I also have the Linux port of), Kingdoms Of Amalur, Gothic, Gothic 2, Gothic 3, Fallout 3, and Oblivion. I have disk games that worked too like Neverwinter Nights 2 and Dragon Age Ultimate Edition (Origins and Awakeing). I suggest if you have that copy to just use Wine, not PlayOnLinux, un- mount and mount again when it asks to disk 2, otherwise you won't have Awakening. I was unsuccessful at getting Guild Wars 2 to work last time, maybe GNOME will yield better results.

  2. Long Bread, my computer is an i7.  With 16 gigs of ram, 3 TB of total HDD space, and I have a 560 Ti Nvidia gpu.  Lots of other good stuff in the box.  Does that help?

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