Sony VAIO S Series SVS13127PXB 13.3″ Notebook Review (With Windows 8 Pro)

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This is a review for the Sony VAIO S Series SVS13127PXB 13.3″ Notebook.

I was able to downgrade to Windows 7 it was a bitch to find all the drivers but it works and it works well. The one thing I couldn’t find how to get to work is the HOT KEYS. Could be a deal breaker.

By the way to get to the BIOS and the BOOT selection option you need to have the computer shutoff and press the red assist button on the keyboard.
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  1. You can also get the sony drivers and software for windows 7 from just put your model number and go to Drivers & Software then choose windows 7 64-bit

  2. You need to go to vaio control center to turn on and off the usb charge option and to control the backlit keyboard (you said there is no way to turn it off)

  3. Windows 8 isn't bad or hard to use. You just have to give it a chance instead of griping how "stupid" it is.

    But then again I'm used to navigating through Windows using keyboard shortcuts. It's a lot faster compared to moving your mouse and clicking.

  4. Most of the drivers were form Intel's web site. the video was from nvidia. Then I just used a Windows 7 Install and a Key I had around. It activated, but if it didn't the word is that you need to call Microsoft and since it's a win8 pro it's license allows downgrading.

  5. To shutdown you go to the right side, a bar pops up and you select 'Power'. You'll see the shutdown option. You could use Start 8 to get back the Windows 7 style "Start". Windows 8 is faster and lighter than Windows 7. It's a great improvement and I wouldn't downgrade to Windows 7…

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