Speed up linux-Delete unwanted/ unessesary files-bleachbit Ubuntu/linuxmint/Debian/linux

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This is an easy way to delete all of your unwanted files, and space consuming temporary files/ unnecessary files. on ubuntu/linuxmint/debian or any other linux distribution.


  1. They are the same, the icon for root execution just contains the word 'gksudo' to run GUI apps as root the correct way. If you just run 'bleachbit', it will run as your user and not have access outside of it's own $HOME

  2. HELP! When i typed in bleachbit in the terminal it came up with this long list of "automatically hiding…." and then it 'exited' and 'terminated bleach bit. Could someone please explain to me what just happened?!

  3. @icekool666 try it for yourself. you get alot more options compred to opening the root from menu. you get a detailed list. Sorry for the late reply ..

  4. @TheMrfreedom1 thank you for your suggestion. I have done that for every video after this one. I am soory i havent came up with new ones. I have been busy. work and school.

  5. if you dont run it as root. it wont delete anything… when you start click on the stuff you need to delete and you get to system leave localization alone. and free up space alone. those two would take hours to finish. you need to run it as root. to delete all teh unwanted cache.. been doing it for 2 years no problems at all. except what i mentioned above. bleachbit is safe to be run as ROOT its kinda like CCLEANER for windows.

  6. @maw88ify Cruft is great i use it sometimes. but i really like bleachbit it deletes all temp files and unwanted things. ive been using it for 2 years. it came a long way.

  7. bleachbit deletes all your temp files an dthings u dont need. computer janitor only deletes unused packages from ur package manager. 2 different things.

  8. I dont like turning on compis. its all show 4 me. i dont like flying windows and fancy 3D flips .. its just me. and i did not know about Xzoom, i only thought you can do zooming in compiz only. anyhow about your request ill do another video for bootup speed. mine boots up in 17 seconds.

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