SSL strip & Adobe PDF exploit using kali linux.

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A video explaining :
1. SSL strip
2. Adobe PDF exploit which can be used to get a backdoor in the system.


  1. can we hack https login pass through wifi lan ???? having 2 vmware machines is not really real hack !!! can we turn another device connected to wifi on the same router from https to http with ssltrip2 ???? or this is just on our LAN computer using vmwares ??? all the videos shows the same purpose ,but no video shows https to http using another device ,,, how you can explain that ?? please i want to know if this is possible or no ,,, thank you

  2. You don't really have to stick to port 4444. You can use any port number, just make sure that you use ports above the range of 1024 as these are system reserved ports. I would suggest the usage of port range from 2k to 40k as there are certain services like vnc I suppose that use ports beyond 40k. Though not sure on this part but you may check that.
    Keep the port # same in reverse tcp and the pdf thing and you'll be good to go.
    Let me know if this helps.

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