Star Citizen – Windows 10 vs 8.1 – Performance & Issues

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Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today I want to talk about Windows 10 & how it compares to Windows 8 for stability, gaming performance and Star Citizen. Basically seeing is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 or is it better to hold out for longer?

Help With Disabling Stuff in Windows 10:

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  1. I Have real problems running star citizen.
    this is my pc….. Processor AMDFX-8320 Eight core processor 3.50 GHZ installed memory RAM 8GB 64 bit operating system x64 based processor.
    I dont know what all that means i am not very computer minded i have also started doing star citizen youtube videos but after the last patch i cant even play anymore its just sooo choppy if you can help me it would be very much appreciated.
    Good luck with your videos love the channel.

  2. you can upgrade to 10 even from a cracked copy of 7 (and 8 i imagine)… just did it 3 weeks ago, and they gave me a working serial number. Microsoft just realy wants your personal data… i've turn everything off tho 😉

  3. i switched to windows 10 so quick as soon as it popped up saying upgrade is available. i was so excited like a little girl who just saw her barbie doll for the first time. but fck me shit went south soon after. my ram was always running at 60% even tho there was no apps running. and some of the drivers had some major water broke issues, i mean memory leak. but since then i updated all my crap and windows 10 also had various updates to make life easier. now it runs like a pro and i love it. now i look at my brother's windows 7 laptop and i shiver with fear.

  4. Went over to 10 6months ago had HUGE lag issues booting into windows after having to restarting due to lockups (same setup as yours) uninstalled this pile of shit went back to 7 after zeroing the drive and have NO issues since AVOID! until service pack 1…..have many players in my 450 player base with same issues so NOT isolated!

  5. Hi Bored i have a question that might sound a bit stupid to you and the rest the pc world but being very new to the pc world and to be honest a bit of a thickooooo when it comes to computers!!! by up grading to w10 how will that effect all the windows 7 games i have on steam?????

  6. I haven't jumped on 10 yet but I may have to bite the bullet and go for it. Thanks for all the great video's! You, STL Youngblood and Alysianah have become my Star Citizen fix for when I can't play, keep it up!

  7. Bastard. I was going to leave my gaming PC on 7 but you raise a good point about DX 12. Especially as CR was talking about how they're going to impliment DX 12 properly to get big benefits. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and move to 10.

  8. Confirming for cpu overclocking stability under windows 10 , I brought my x5680 @4.4ghz. Under windows 7 there was no way to do such a thing.. my motherboard prevented me even to suspend my pc but with w10 voilà: instability gone and can suspend normally as it should. Awesome and really satisfied

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