Star Wars Text Version – Command Prompt Windows XP Tricks and Tips – Easter Eggs

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I recorded this video with Hypercam Screen Recorder and I edited it with Windows Movie Maker. Part of the editing was to speed it up twice as fast as you would see it on command prompt so that it would upload onto youtube.

To get this easter egg, you have to have Windows XP.

Go to the start menu and click “Accessories”

Choose “Command Prompt”

Type in “telnet” without quotes and press…


  1. This is NOT an easter egg in command prompt at all. It was not created by anyone at Microsoft. A telnet server is just like a website on the internet. You connect to it and it shows you that. This whole thing is just the oldskool equivalent to going to some website and watching a video there.

  2. for anyone who is skeptical about this it is legit… i tried it on my moms computer and it worked…. im not a big star wars fan so i didnt watch the whole thing but my mom probably will later lol… just thought i would let you guys know it is legit!!!

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