Start Menu 8 – Best Windows 8 Start Menu – Free

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  1. this is what windows 8.1 is still missing out of the box the tile on the start menu screen is for basic stuff news, mail, weather, but for managing stuff like hardware or other stuff

  2. THNKS!juz now i watched anotehr video also about start 8!!!!!but it says tht u need to pay 5USD TO HAVE IT PERMANNENT AND THIS NEED ZERO DOLLAR ALSO SAME AS FREE THO AND U EARN RESPECT MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jesus it NEVER downloads.. I always get a download button which then downloads a video converter or some dogshit toolbar… what the hell is going on? I just can't download this! Help…. need a trustworthy site that doesn't try to force me to download crap I don't want.

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