Startup win xp vs win 7 vs ubuntu 9.04

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  1. xp is good enough.
    i dont like vista or win7,the style is something like apple os:things just got a " blur "effect. Is that real beatifull ??
    i dont like at all ! dont want to even have a try.tough there are thousands of free copies in chinese websites.

  2. @xleo21 lol! it is also "retardedly easy" to write malware for unix-systems (that includes linux and and bsd-system like mac os!).
    but why the heck should you do all the work for less then 8% of all power-users? you fail.

  3. @AppleMacbookProUser It might help you to first think before you write something! this was a test with 3 virtual machines on one system – and by the way: on real hardware windows 7 boots faster than any mac OS X and ubuntu is a bad example for how fast linux can be anyway.

  4. really bad test! 1 Star. You can use virtual machines to test speed. also windows 7 boots a lot faster than xp and even faster than any úbuntu on real hardware!

  5. I have the 3 operating and most rapid systems it is ubuntu followed of 7 and to the last one the xp
    part from the fact that ubuntu does not have virus it is more rapid.

    Seize the test in the operating system ubuntu install the virtual box and seize the test

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