SteamOS vs Ubuntu: Gaming Benchmarks!

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We’ve already seen what happens when we pit #SteamOS vs #Windows. What happens when we compare SteamOS #Brewmaster against #Ubuntu 15.10?

An important point to consider about this benchmark is that I am using a clean install of SteamOS and a clean install of Ubuntu 15.10. SteamOS comes out of the box with the AMD Catalyst Fglrx driver configured and ready to go, Ubuntu does not. Instead, Ubuntu 15.10 comes with Mesa 11.0.

Many people pointed out that this benchmark is more about #Fglrx vs…


  1. I want to play csgo on linux, i'm wondering which linux distro to go with, i've tried Mint and Ubuntu, with Nvidia drivers, and set it to 144hz and mousepoll 1000hz and downloaded my config, ubuntu worked as good as windows, I was thinking that Manjaro, WattOS, SliTaz, Lubuntu, LDXE, or Xubuntu, do you or anyone reading this have a clue to which one runs CSGO with the most FPS and doesn't have mouse delay, Mint when I tried it had 1 full bullet mouse delay. I would like to know which one of these might get better FPS than windows 10, for to suggest to friends to try who get lower fps.

  2. I run AMD/ATI gpu on linux and the problem with the propriety closed source driver is it's hardly ever updated, so you can't take advantage of the cutting edge desktops as it just has no compatibility until 6-12 months later (if your lucky). Sure the gaming performance on older cards is ok, but non of the latest cards work properly because AMD either doesn't care or doesn't have the money/resources to put anyone on it right now.

    I will be switching back to Nvidia for my next gpu as I want a better gaming experience on Linux and they are the only ones taking it seriously right now.

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