SteamOS vs. Windows 7 – playing Dota 2

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Comparative benchmark of two identical machines running SteamOS and Windows 7, here playing Dota2


  1. i run dota 2 much better on steam os than my old windows 7 ultimate.. 🙂 And games i had problems runnin(such as dead island epidemic) runs at capped fps instead of choppy 40-50fps as it was on win. 
    So there…

  2. I am very positive that this will improve in the future. I would like to ask that you repeat this test soon. Most certainly repeat it after steam is out of beta.

    Also try it with different brands of graphics cards. Here you used the nvidia GTX 555. PLease try one with an AMD card as the drivers are different and from what I heard more stable.

    Also did you use the open-source drivers or the proprietary drivers?

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