Step by Step Windows Drive Cloning & SSD Optimization!

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CK in Singapore wrote in, “In the last episode of Tekzilla (#277), you covered disk cloning of a Windows 7 installation using software like Macrium Reflect Free. However, I didn’t have much luck with it.” Watch the video for the steps to ensure everything goes right, when you want to clone a drive. And we’ll explain how to optimize an SSD while we’re at it!

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  1. JUSUS FUCKING CHRIST! this is the second time youtube has suggested content from this channel and the second time i spent the first 2/3 minuets fucking cringing!

    Last time too! im out. I don't even care about the content anymore.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial (despite the two minutes of excessive ramblings before the actual run-through). Cloned from my HP Elitebook laptop HDD to a Samsung 256GB EVO using a USB SATA III cable, then swapped out the HDD for the SSD. Crossed fingers. Quick boot to my cloned WIN7 OS with zero issues!

  3. Hi I got a couple of questions:
    I have a laptop whose sata harddisk (750GB) came with 3 partitions. I bought a 1TB SSD and I want to clone the sata drive to the SSD. Partitions are: OEM partition, OS C:, and RECOVERY. I have no idea what OEM partition is. It might be a boot partition or something.. Does this software clone the entire drive exactly as it is with all the partitions to the SSD ? After I clone what will happen with the remaining 250GB on the SSD, will it be added to the C: partition automatically or will it be unallocated space ?

  4. My main drive I'm trying to clone from has a recovery partition as the last choice but because the main free-space of the drive comes before it, despite being unselected to clone, it shows there's not enough space to copy to my 250gig SSD. Is there a way around this? 

  5. hey TEKZILLA, I have another question:
    If you have a cloned ssd, in order to it to perform better, why wouldn't you simple make a system recovery on your cloned ssd? That way the encryption wouldnt be reseted, thus running faster?

  6. hey TEKZILLA, I have a question :
    In terms of speed, is it better to clone your hdd into an ssd OR just replace your hdd with a brand new ssd and install the OS of your choice? Which of the ssd will perform better? The cloned one or the brand new?


  7. I used Macrium to clone my laptop's hard drive to a new 500 GB hard drive. I then installed the new hard drive in my laptop. While it worked perfectly, my computer does not "see" all 500 GBs of the new drive, it seems to just "see" the old hard drive. How can I get my computer to "see" the entire new hard drive?

  8. Most people get here not so much to watch a regular show as to fast gain knowledge on how to do something. this show was not well organized. You went throw a quite delicate matter within seconds and spent most of the time talking nonsense. i thought the expert was going to be focused and very pedagogic but you could hardly see what he was doing with the settings and kept just jumping his cursor from place to place, not well done. Then having people just vanishing out of picture it’s too much,

  9. I have a set up like Rogers where I keep on the OS and apps on my ssd and everything else on my hdd. I also have a folder where I keep an image of the clean install of my OS so I can reimage it back to the ssd in case problems arise or I replace it with another ssd. Lots faster than with a DVD.

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