Stop Microsoft Windows 10 Spying & Forced Application Installs. How to Take Back Control of Your PC.

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After installing the Windows Anniversary Update for Windows 10 it would seem we picked up a lot more than we bargained for. There is a feature now that allows Microsoft to quietly install popular games and apps from the Microsoft Store without your consent or knowledge, eating up your bandwidth and hard drive space and potentially putting you at risk. I am calling Microsoft out in this video for this bad practice and also telling you how to disable it so it won’t continue to happen. I also…


  1. The latest generations are growing up with "oversharing" and a lack of privacy being the norm. They don't know or remember the times when cameras, advertisements and spying were rare.

    There is no appreciation for the private space that privacy brings, where you are not watched, recorded or analysed, where you have space to think or do as you wish. This is difficult to achieve physically now if you live in a city or suburbs, but it can be achieved electronically.

    As for phones, I only buy phones that I can root and replace the ROM. I can shut down services, access any file, edit the hosts file, set up a firewall and manage MY device the way I want.

    Privacy is important for the psychological well being of the human race.

  2. DO NOT use DWS, at least don't do it with Windows 1709 or later. It breaks windows functions (such as activation checks) and doesn't really uninstall so you have to refresh the PC. Hopefully this comment will save you a few hours of pain

  3. Windows 7 is a FAR better solution! … I'm NOT joking! … Used windows 10 for 2 years approx and disabled a tuns of crap manually and gaming went well… all of a sudden I see an icon on my desktop saying Windows Assistant, then all the BS… This is after going into regedit, policies, and other settings… About 30 minutes of disabling Microsoft crap… Then one day, not long ago I decided to just let Windows 10 update and what I saw just pissed me off completely. Windows 10 changed where everything was located… their system files / gui had changed to the point of excluding stuff and locations I commonly use… After looking around and trying to disable Microcrap stuff I decided to get ride of the virus called Windows 10!

    If you are a gamer stay away from Linux as there is no Nvidia support and AMD has stopped offering support and drivers for Linux… So the only other stable and mature OS is Windows 7.

    If installing on AMD motherboards you must include the proper patches for AMD as there were issues, but once installed Windows 7 runs really nicely. If you like Linux you can download a great many open source games compiled for Windows as well as productivity software… OR you can create a virtual machine using VMware or Virtual Box and download Linux into a virtual machine.

    Keep in mind you can download an Android emulator… such is essentially a small linux distro and in my opinion the only saving face that gaming on linux (Android) has…


  4. I thought Windows was easy? This makes me scared to install Windows. Why do I need to work at a secure environment if I have to pay for it in the first place. It just seems like too much work. This is another reason I won't be going back.

  5. I just installed whine10 because of "reasons". Candy Crush was the first thing that popped there (fun fact: even before critical safety updates!)… To be honest I am hardcore player they should know it by now and install there Quake so I woudn't whine about it but since it is Candy crush then well… I'll burn this stupid addons on the second day of using this OS. xD
    I have no issue providing my "stuff" to Google as I've seen outcome and it is somewhat useful overall. But MS is on another side of that stick. Just nope for MS so thanks for good chunk of tips that are useful even today in 2018.

  6. The PRIMARY reason for all the data collecting from microsoft, facebook, pentagon or whoever…is to divide people into groups. Christian/non-Christian…Anti government types…clueless types…ect. One day the knock will come at your door, and you must reject Jesus and accept the false "messiah" that the satanic government will deceive the world with. Jesus warned us, and you just got the 2018 updated version of Jesus warning.

  7. My bad I have the entry so I have to give a small thumbs up to windows 10 maybe a halfway thumbs up when I went to the registry key for the silent installed apps enabled entry it was already set to 0 so I didn't do a thing that's the default.. Microsoft could have had that turned on in this version and they did not

  8. mate you earned a sub. Ive got an rx 580 for gaming but after all the privacy concerns and poor updates which cause compat issues im honestly tempted to stop using microsoft, switch to linux and just use my gpu for mining.

  9. That is the main reason I decided to switch to linux. I got tired of all this crap, now I try to use windows only when I need to (gaming and windows exclusive programs). On Manjaro I can customize pretty much everything, and KDE integrates very well with android contrary to windows.

  10. I removed EVERY app using CCleaner, including the store! Telemetry has been deleted as well and Cortana has been turned off using a free program called Winaerotweaker. I have had NO ill effects from doing this,

  11. MS CEO is from a third world Piece of Shit Country though now a US Citizen and a legitimate immigrant. However, foreign countries do have different values then the US. Some good and some not so good, just like the US. The current direction of Microsoft likely reflects some of that third world POS country’s values. The biggest, in my opinion is our countries freedom; freedom of control. When a product is purchased it must be freely under the control of the purchaser.

  12. the fuck, I just got a virus from some "Dick finder" app microsoft shoved onto my box, it was ransomware. Good thing my anti-malware detected it though, but I lost my email password I never remembered :I time to reset ig

  13. Hey Jerry I just recently got an update from windows and I I followed the instructions from both your original video on this subject and this current one my pc had been game and ad free for my entire time since I built it last year and now all of a sudden it installed a bunch of game apps that I never installed I deleted all of them and traced all my steps to make sure that all the settings you had stated in your videos were active which they are but still I got all these games is there any chance you can look into this possibly if you have time and if you do find something make a possible update video.. thanks for the awesome content man and keep doing what your doing, a great job!!

  14. how do you get the registry editor to open there isn`t a run search bar anymore with this new update version 1709. it loaded me up with a bunch of stuff i don`t want on my pc.

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