[Streaming Movies in Linux] WebTorrent desktop client & Stremio

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Well, if you dont feel like using Stremio which is awesome but unfortunately not open source, you can try Web-Torrents client, together with some Android TV App for getting notifications for new episodes of your favorite series, and a torrent web-site!

WebTorrent on Github!

2Pac – Changes (Peter Lee Johnson – Violin Cover)


  1. I know I should stop uploading such videos, and I have said I will stop ..but it is above my powers!

    Regarding the copyrights and apart that I believe they are not legit, I also believe it is not even technically possible for something to go public under any restrictions. There are two ways. It is either public, or private. There is not such thing as semi-public, or semi-private.

    Also I believe, what they call digital piracy, is a good thing to do, because it will push industry and people's culture in different funding and development models, like donations and more community work.

    And technically, it cant be such thing as fully intellectual property. Everyone's using someone's else work, out of the 10.000 years old civilization.

    Finally I will really respect copyrights when there is a democratic direct (not from politicians) choice in advance for them. So far, I see a law that I didn't vote for, I consider it wrong, I don't think it express the majority of "smart" people view, and I feel it doesn't serve the common interest and common good either. At least not the way they work now.

  2. I see what you mean. I wanna go legit with my media consumption (which I agree may be against your agenda here but this is just mine..) none of the paid stuff is convenient as much as these kind of services… I am looking for it everyday… Cannot agree with a business strategic market trends, they should put people's convenient first in this digital age and then I will start paying. I hate waiting for another couple of days for the new Sherlock episode here in India when I know the rest of the world would have seen it early. Such shit show.

  3. What a present! Does it support different languages? Totally agreed about Ancient Athens!
    And this is my gift to you https://movian.tv/projects/movian
    Unfortunately it does not completely translated BUT it runs on Linux! But the easiest way it's Chrome Plugin.
    This is the list of supported platforms. Many of them is based on Russia (torrent trackers), but they are REALLY REALLY BIG and usually they support several audio tracks. I guess our pirate community is almost the biggest in the world, after China of course
    I can help with any issue. Regards

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