Surface Pro 3 running Ubuntu

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is a great laptop/tablet hybrid, as long as you’re alright with Windows 8.1. Fortunately, if that’s not your thing you can install an alternative with very few problems.


  1. The hardware of Surface, just like any other Windows based machines, is not optimized for Linux nor it plays well with it. Therefore, the best way to experience Linux is to install on Linux friendly hardware such as Rasberry Pi or Chromium devices.

  2. I spent some time using Ubuntu and tried for some time to get it working on a touch screen tablet. The best one is Kubuntu the kde version of ubuntu don't ask why the interface makes such a difference I don't know why just that it does. You should give it a shot and post another video I would but I don't have a Surface tablet waiting for the price to go down

  3. Geez, I see people installing the live DVD version on a flash stick.  STOP.  For goodness sake, just install Linux onto the flash stick and stop with the live version.  Yes, it works.  And yes, you probably can set the temp files and others to be written to and read from the tablet's flash memory to ensure your flash stick lives a long long life.

    I have a USB3 32gb flash stick with a full install that I use as my main on my 4ghz AMD gaming desktop.  It runs almost as fast as an SSD.  I did move my /var to a hard drive to help reduce writes and provide some added performance. 

    So, please, stop with the USB Live versions and go for the real thing.

    And nearly half of th is video was in waiting for it to boot.  A brief explanation of how it works and then the rest in usage is probably best for those that would appreciate this enough to try it.

    Finally, in the least, you should have shown the networking with a browser going to an internet website.

  4. This is the main issue with Linux. I'd to see Linux be as a viable, supplemental OS to Windows without much effort. No, if one argues that's the point to create it yourself and develop it; that won't work. Even for the Comp. science student who will need Linux at one point, they don't have time to be messing around to get things working. After graduation, Linux came off. I hope the people that do have resources provide a quick resolution, pro bono.

  5. Please redo this video using a mouse and tell us how it goes running ubuntu installed on the sp3 and using it for a few weeks. You know sth like an initial impressions video using the sp3 with a linux distro

  6. btw, i wonder is the SP2 a better option considering the wacom pen except from the fact that it has smaller screen than SP3 and thicker and with 2 hrs shorter battery life provided that it is still a portable device…. I doubt that people saying both devices are just piece of junk as they both shine in their own way and in the this decade, it's all about the pen input. No matter which (wacom/ntrig) u prefer, it is a required hardware for both windows 8 tablet and laptop/ultrabook, no so for all in ones with touchscreen or desktops unless u are obsessed with drawing on such humongous screen!

  7. I've been using it for a while on the pro and I play games like serious sam 4 without problems, everything works fine after configuring it the first day, I had wifi issues, but you just need to update the firmware to fix them.

  8. Installing a OS Over Windows 8 on Surface is NOT a good idea. So if you ever plan  on doing anything, Dual boot. Since no other OS works with Touch other then Windows 8, at least… works good. So if you ever delete Windows 8, you HAVE to use a Keyboard and Mouse, meaning you just destroyed the Tablet part of Surface.

  9. This is only fun if you're a masochist. When problems arise, as they usually do on Linux, it's a monumental pain in the ass. There are few drivers for Linux, many peripherals have no support or poor support. Compiling stuff is something most sane people don't want to do.

    The entire experience of Linux is just more infuriating than it's worth. Look at the first screen that pops up. That sums up all of the problems with Linux.

    Of course the touch and wifi didn't work well. It's Linux.

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