Surface Windows 8 Pro Overview

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  1. It rather amuses me how Windows actually advertises to people the actual business properties of a tablet computer. With iPad… I can't remember a one.
    Am I the only one to think that buying a computer that will probably go out of date within about a year without the prospect of actually making money -not even for productivity- with it a bad idea?

  2. Not the Pro., its embedded in the RT. however if you get Office 365 for $99 online, you get 5 FULL version of the office suite and you can delegate what computers its installed on. You als get an EXTRA 20 GB of skydrive space.
    With the Surface pro 2, you also get an extra 200 GB skydrive space. That kicks ass.

  3. For iTunes, and Minecraft, and Photoshop, and even mid graphic Steam games, Surface Pro can, Surface RT can't.

    Pro works same as laptops, but it in tablet body. Maybe it mainly compete to Ultrabooks.

    RT is compete to iPad directly, that need time but has advantages and potentials.

    I heard it can plug USB DVD drive, then with full Flash, VLC Player or KMPlayer, you can enjoy all your pornography videos just as before. With more mobility, and in full HD. Surface Pro, Best porn device so far.

  4. And the ipad is a shitty half phone half laptop but the laptop part can't run shizzle and the phone part can't call anyone a Iphone is better then a ipad, To be honest I am switching too :/ I hated apple anyway

  5. Thank you for pen
    i stay in Thailand. Forest & more Tree everyday human cut down for Business them.
    Boy & Girl need & want Music i know
    All peper for use Over.
    Please protect my World.
    if everybody use Tablet
    Electric is Over.

  6. i just want to run all my 3D programs on a tablet while having pen sensitivity in all of them. Without the graphics card melting because its doing something its not suppose to be doing.

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